Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Beware of comantra pc support scam. Comantra Pc support scam is all
about comantra a company providing excellent pc support service
through remote computer support and this led the competitors to carry
out an organized negative campaign against a rising star Comantra.
Comantra is a victim of organized reputation assault through comantra
scam by competitors and motivated people. Comantra is a mid size
organization making a mark in this vast domain of pc support and remote
pc support. Team comantra is strongly knit and they are still very
motivated and fighting hard the term that is being propagated vehemently
it is the Comantra Pc Support Scam. This propogating is also an insult
to the team comantra who is working dedicatedly and hard to provide
genuine pc support to the clients, the clients are happy with the
comnatra remote pc support and this is being communicated by the
company's growth in terms of clients, repeat clients and revenue.
Comantra is also closely associated with the clients, as the comantra pc
support team is working for many clients who are there with the company
for multiple registrations; the ration of repeat clients for comanta is
promising. Comantra Pc support scam, the word seen on the computer
screen, is really hurting the clients and people who know about
comantra. Yes, it is a scam, comanta pc support scam is a very
powerful scam, that comantra is fighting; they have their long earned
reputation and happy clients with them. Comanta pc support scam is a
fake scam, a negative marketing scam by comantra competitors. It is a
fake scam. The real is comantra provides quality pc support at
reasonable cost.Comantra concentrates much more on marketing other than making cold calls

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